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A simple e-commerce solution for organisations to sell merchandise directly to their community.
Introducing manual result entry: quickly input over-the-board tournament results using your keyboard for faster and more efficient record-keeping.
Discover our latest updates with minor bug fixes and usability enhancements for a smoother online chess experience.
New interface and workflows for playing and managing online games.
Run any Event from your phone on Tornelo.
Introducing optimized data tables for your tournament lobbies.
328 young players from Costa Rica competed in a national championship! Read about another big OTB event run on Tornelo.
Introducing a User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Event Organization and Unmatched User Experience
Collecting entry fees for Team events has never been easier! New features for Team Payments.
Players can join their games using their secret PlayerID, no account is required anymore!
Divide and conquer. Add Deputy Arbiters to specific Sections and delegate responsibilites exactly as you want.
With Keizer you will ALWAYS find a legal pairing for your club events.
Major changes in the Tournament Lobby released! Becoming more user-friendly by the day.
Use NZCF Rating list and download a NZCF Rating Report!
Tornelo is free to use – you can even pass your Entry fee processing fees to players.
Players can stop their games and call the Arbiter. The Arbiter gets notified in style!
Arbiter menu bar has all actions, options and shortcuts needed to manage your tournaments.
Arbiters can now add custom questions to their Registration process on Tornelo.
Even Arbiters can mouse-slip! Learn more about new features designed to make your life easier.
Sign in with Google or add other email addresses to your profile and make your life easy! Make it easy for your and for your collaborators.
Comprehensive financial report and an efficient process for managing payments is an essential feature for a tournament management system.
What are chess ratings? How is rating caluclated on Tornelo? Learn more about Elo and Glicko methodology.
Collect registration fees from players through Tornelo with your PayPal account directly into the pairing program.
New Player profile gives players much sexier view of their chess life all on one page.
Scheveningen pairings, team buchholz by match or game scores and take iDEAL payments.
Collect registrations from players into events easily and effectively with the new Tornelo registration process.
Making it easier for players to join an online tournament – no account needed! Preview our scoresheet app and let players download personalised certificates after every tournament!
A charity hybrid match between the Ukrainian city of Lviv and Berlin. Played as e-board hybrid on Tornelo.
New Design for the Registration process on Tornelo online platform. Share your thoughts and help us improve your experience.
Set up rules for your half-point byes requst, award trophies for players and enjoy other improved features.
Limburg Open with 450 players chose Tornelo cloud-based management system and was able to start the 1st round in record time!
A group of German pioneers made a history running the first ever hybrid league on e-boards! 6 strong German teams are meeting in their local venues every second Wednesday to play their opponents via Tornelo.
After 4+ months of rigorous testing by the World Chess Federation (FIDE), today Tornelo received official FIDE endorsement as a software pairing program / tournament manager.
You can now print all your tournament data, nicely formatted by using our new Print button!
Updates this week to FIDE Mode restrict your ability to set custom scoring.
We released a little early this week because we were just too excited to make …
Is your Tornelo Elo rating correct? Test for yourself with out Elo-Rating-Checker spreadsheet.
Today’s release was another Major Milestone with some significant changes and huge new features! There …
Player profiles, forbidden pairs and new look for Organizations Our release this week is mostly …
e-Boards for Hybrid chess tournaments or Broadcasting chess games live We provide an incredibly convenient …
Our Fair Play methodology received offical endorsement of the US Chess Federation.
FIDE Endorsement of a software Pairings Program Today’s release is specially dedicated to the International …
Publishing pairings in an OTB chess tournament, void invoices and fair play report updates A …
Check in process for chess tournaments After the major release last week it’s good to …
Live online pairings program, multiple tie-breaks and ratings from 15 Federations It has been just …
Connect external player profiles Our release this week is mostly bug fixes, performance updates and …
This week we released a number of changes “under the hood”. You may not even …
1. Feature: Smart cheating mode on Fair Play report The Fair Play report has some …
This week you may have noticed some new options in your Tournament Settings, which will …
1. Feature: Restart a finished game Let’s imagine a game ended in a draw, or …

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