Printing pairings, lists and results

Tornelo is the only program you need to run a chess tournament. You’ll use the same program for over-the-board, hybrid or online events. We’ve made it easier today to run your OTB events with the new Print button!

Feature: Printing various lists on Tornelo

You will now see a Print button on most pages. Click it and you’ll be able to print (or save a PDF) a nicely formatted version of the data you are looking at.

You can print:

  • Player list / start list
  • Pairings
  • Standings

First, select the columns you want to print, customising your view of your tournament data. Then click Print. You can select your printer or Save as PDF.

Updates: Age group calculation

We display a player’s Age Group in a tournament. This information is calculated based on their Year of Birth data, which is converted to Age Group according to the formula:

Year the tournament ends – Year of Birth = Age Group

eg. (event ends in…) 2022 – (player was born in…) 2012 = 10 …. the Age Group is displayed as 10 which means “Under 10”.

Bug Fixes

This release also sees a number of bug fixes to make Tornelo more reliable and stable:

  • Analysis mode; pieces were not being de-selected on keyboard navigation
  • Round robin pairings; could not do draft pairings
  • Finish event date; prevents invalid date entry
  • Resuming finished events; no longer need to reload the page after resuming
  • Displaying private events for Organisation admins; admins can see all
  • Adding players from external Rating List; fixed a bug
  • CSV upload of pairings to an event with one section; fixed a bug
  • Added embed preview to Tools menu
  • Start numbers; added checks and stability measures
Working on
  • oAuth login with Facebook
  • Accepting additional payment methods (PayPal etc)
  • Removal of legacy code and updates to new database framework

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports.

Kind regards,


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