Chess For Ukraine

A charity hybrid match between the Ukrainian city of Lviv and the German capital Berlin on September 23 will bring together some of the most famous personalities of German and Ukrainian chess without them meeting directly. The match will be the first match played on electronic chess boards of Millennium between two teams from different countries (see the official website).

Lviv vs. Berlin

The first board of the Berlin team will be guarded by Grandmaster Niclas Huschenbeth, the Ukrainians will be led by Volodymyr Vetoshko. Ukrainian-born Angelika Valkova will host the match and stream it live on her Twitch channel, supported by Georgios Souleidis aka “The Big Greek”, on whose Twitch channel the stream will also be shown.

International Chess Match on Tornelo
Help for Children from Ukraine

“Together we help children in need! This event supports 2 sides at the same time:

It allows Ukrainian professional chess players to participate in an international tournament without having to leave the country in times of war.

On the other hand, this tournament is dedicated to the purpose of supporting UNICEF’s fundraising campaign “Help for Children from Ukraine”. We have chosen this organization because its work is very close to our hearts. Both we and UNICEF are happy about your support, because really every contribution helps!

Why do we use for this? Donating here is safe and easy and I can keep you informed about updates. Of course, you will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes at the beginning of next year.” (Millenium Team).

Just go ahead and click on ‘Jetzt Spenden!’ button on the fundraiser page.

Playing hybrid with Millennium boards

Tornelo is very honoured to host this event and help to make it happen! E-hybrid can be easily setup on the platform.

For this occasion we Millennium Team offers the tournament board exclusively in their store for the special price of only 719 € (instead of 799 €) until September 30th!

Electronic chessboards can be connected to Tornelo

You can checkout the Supreme Tournament 55 on our website. Both the chess board and the “American Staunton” style pieces are handcrafted and made of real wood.

Thanks to the lightning-fast RFID piece recognition, you can move or drag the pieces as naturally and comfortably as on a classic chess board.

Full concentration! Because opposing moves are displayed directly on the board via the elegantly embedded 81 LEDs. With the automatic piece recognition, every position is set up as easy as child’s play. These functions provide a completely natural game feeling.

Follow the event on Tornelo! Good luck to the Organizers. #StandWithUkraine

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