Scheveningen, tiebreaks and new payment methods

Team battle, team round robin, team matches and now Scheveningen! Tornelo has got it all. The team events lovers will also appreciate new tie-break options.

Great news for your players! New payment options are now available to all verified Organizations using Stripe – PayPal options coming soon.

Scheveningen Pairings

First used in a tournament in Scheveningen, Netherlands in 1923, the Scheveningen pairings are used in a chess match between two teams where each player on one team plays each player on the other team (see more in Arbiters Manual, pg.: 81).

If you have Exactly 2 teams in a Team Match then you can do automatic pairings, either single or double (with colours reversed).

Select Scheveningen in your Format settings.
Additional payment methonds

Tornelo can help you collect payments from your players. This is done by connecting your Stripe account to Tornelo (a simple process). If you don’t have a Stripe account it takes just a few moments to set one up through Tornelo.

In addition to credit card payments, Tornelo will now automatically offer your customers option to pay via:

  • Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • giropay (Germany)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland)
  • PayNow (Singapore)

These options are dynamically chosen based on the location of your customer (ie. not everyone will see all these options). You can modify your Stripe account settings if you want to add options like:

  • WeChat Pay (China)
  • AliPay (China)
  • GrabPay (Malaysia)

And yes, PayPal is coming soon.

Team match Tie-breaks

Tornelo has a variety of tie-breaks options avaible. We have enhanced the Buccholz (sum of opponent’s scores) tie-break to be customisable for Team Match events.

You can now select if you want to calculate the Sum of Opponents’ Match Scores, or Sum of Opponents’ Game Scores.

Team match tie-breaks settings.
Working on
  • New Lobby design and better user experience
  • PayPal integration
  • Give organisations the option for ELO or Glicko ratings

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback. How can we make your life as a chess tournament organiser, arbiter or TD, easier!

Kind regards,


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