Trophies, half-point byes and improved features

In recent weeks we have been working hard on optimising performance, removing legacy code, improving search abilities and boosting our rating system. However, there are still several new features you can try out if you want to feel joy while running your chess events!

1. Feature: Trophies for players

Everybody should be rewarded for a good job! Digital trophies don’t collect dust and you can always take them with you. You already know about our award feature (see more here) but now Trohpies are finally on display. So everybody can envy the winners! Like at this event.

Award Trophies for your events

Players can check-out the trophies they collected on their Profile page! Check it out.

Trophies displayed on Player profiles
2. Feature: Half-point byes setup

Collecting half-point-byes requests can be a hassle, right? Well, it used to be!

Now you can set up rules on Tornelo and players just pick an available option.

In addition to our standard Skip round option you can now set up how many half-point byes players can request and limit in which rounds it is possible to request them! Sounds too good to be true?

Afterwards players will be simply added to the pairings with their half-point. And yes, arbiters can just sit back and sip their coffee!

Setup half-point byes rules
3. Feature: Manual team pairings

Tornelo supports all different types of team Events! You can learn more about the olympiad-style team match features here. Now arbiters can also use the Manual pair option to set up Team pairs easily!

Manual pairings for team events
4. Feature: Customise Name column

We can’t even count how many times this feature was requested in our community! And it’s finaly live – you can now select if your lists of players will be displayed with First name first or Last name first. You are in charge.

Choose name format
Custom columns

Don’t you hate it, when you set up your favourite column layout and it’s all gone, when you change tabs in the Lobby? Those days are over! Your settings is now remembered by the Lobby and will stay the way you like it, until you decide to make changes (or change to a new browser).

Customise columns displayed in Event Lobby
Organization settings

While removing our legacy code we made the Organization settings nicer and more organised! You can now choose from two different tabs, where one is fully dedicated to customisation of your Organization homepage.

Also new, you can set up your default country as well as your FIDE federation. And while you are at it, don’t forget to check the box “FIDE mode” if you wish to run official FIDE rated events!

Setup your Organization on Tornelo
Tie-break columns display

On Tornelo you have the ability to set-up so many tie-breaks that you might forget to display some of them in the standings. To make it easier for you and your players we chained them together. Now you can either stay with the default display of your primary tie-break or “flip a switch” and display all the remaining tie-breaks together.

Tie-break options
Live PGN Headers

If you like to simulcast your events on other sites you will appreciate this new update of life PGNs. These now include Team names and Titles and ratings, so you can display all information that is important to your spectators.

Live PGN for broadcasting events

Bug fixes

  • Win-Draw-Loss statistics on Player profile page display
  • Double Round robin and Round robin for Teams – possible to pair 2 teams
  • Team events – clock times being displayed in the Rounds tab
  • Player invitations to claim a profile – link corrections
  • Merging of players – removing ghosts from search
  • Unused external IDs removed from the system
  • Embedding links – WordPress css interactions
  • Flag of Dominica chess federation – display correctly
Working on
  • oAuth login with Facebook
  • Branded Rating systems
  • New registration process
  • New profile page design
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Anthony Boron
Anthony Boron
1 year ago

The half-point bye ! Finally ! Thanks !

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