Financial report made easy

Having a streamlined and efficient process for managing registration fees and payments from players has been Tornelo’s goal forever. Financial report is one of the most essential features organizers use. Read more about the new improvements!

Tornelo financial report overview

One of the most time consuming aspects of running any chess tournament, and the most costly if you make errors, is the finances. Before Tornelo, we would have to collect registrations on a Google form and payments into a bank account. Then manually reconcile the payment and enter the name into a pairing program. This would take days to complete, and not only that we’d need to have some master list at the registration desk on the day of the event so we knew who to collect payments from. There were always players who ended up slipping through the net and not paying.

Overview of all payments is visible in the lobby player lists - financial report has all the details

Now Tornelo makes everything a lot easier – players register and pay online and the names are in the pairing program instantly. The public list of registrations is available and we don’t need to do anything at all. On the day of the event all our arbiters can share the same information and registration desks have live data. It’s brilliant!

We released this week the next piece of the puzzle – a financial report for reconciliation of all your chess tournament revenue.

Financial report SUMMARY

The financial summary shows an overview of all your critical data.

  • Number of invoices generated
  • Total $ collected via Tornelo (Gateway)
  • Total $ collected in Cash (to reconcile your cash collected on the day)
  • Any amounts still outstanding or unpaid

Sometimes you need to dig down into the details and for that we have

Financial report summary on Tornelo
Invoice records report

This shows you the details of each invoice. Including how much was paid and how much remains owing. The invoice may be linked to a Registration (eg. a team captain entered a full team of players) and one or more Sections in case you need to report on Sections.

The invoice can be further expanded to see the details of exactly what was on the invoice.

Invoice records of Tornelo financial report

Tornelo supports all manner of complex registrations and payments, so an invoice could be a payment for multiple players (and in the future, items from your shop), or could include manual ad-hoc charges which you have added.

Each line item has a date and details of:

  • Fee charged (eg. entry fee)
  • Credit provided (eg. refund)
  • Gateway (payment received in your Stripe or PayPal account)
  • Cash received
  • Any adjustments made
  • Total charged
  • Total paid
  • Amount outstanding
  • Invoice status (fully paid, part-paid or unpaid)

You can view each invoice and add more line items as needed. Read more here.

Invoice details can be easily edited
Paying invoices

Every invoice “belongs” to someone. You can choose who it is sent to by adding their email address. But, anyone can pay an invoice – you have to make it as easy as possible for someone to pay you.

Share the link to the invoice and anybody, even without a Tornelo account, can view and pay that invoice.

Invoice preview enables sharing a link for payments

Note that Arbiters and Organizers can collect entries on Tornelo either via Stripe or PayPal. Yes! This new exciting option was just added.

  • Further improved design and better user experience
  • Add Keizer pairing system
  • Multi-language support

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback. How can we make your life as a chess tournament organiser, arbiter or a chess TD, easier!

Kind regards,


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