Custom questions on chess tournament registration forms

We released this week a first version of custom questions – allowing Organisers and Arbiters to collect complex information on any registration form. No need to use JotForm or Google Forms any more!

Add your questions

On the tournament settings form, under Online entries you now have the ability to add Custom questions.

Add a custom question under Online entries tab

You can add as many questions as you like. Enter a Label (this is the question which will be displayed on the player registration form) but keep it short – maximum of 20 characters.

Choose if this is a required field or not.

Custom questions can be optional or required
Collect the data

When players register they will see the questions you have asked and have a text field for input.

The custom questions show up in the registration process

In future we will be adding support for dates, numbers, radio buttons and even file uploads.

View the data

You can see your data on the Player List, download the CSV or Export entries and all your data will be there. Be warned, if you delete a question in the settings, all your old answers will be lost!

All answers to custom questions are visible in the lobby
Update: Private event URL

When changing a private event to a public event, the URL changes – after this release any old links to the private event URL will still work and users will be redirected to your public tournament link.

Working on
  • Support for Club memberships (collecting fees, validating membership for entry into tournaments)
  • Passing transaction fees to players
  • One click uploading of results to chess-results website

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback. How can we make your life as a chess tournament organiser, arbiter or TD, easier!

Kind regards,


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