Supporting New Zealand Chess Federation rated events

We are excited to announce that our latest release added suppport for New Zealand arbiters to manage chess tournaments using NZCF rating and player profiles!

This means easy searching through the NZCF Rating List (by name or NZCF ID) and automatic updating of NCZF Ratings for players directly in the Tornelo pairing program.

Benefits for players

Existing Tornelo users can add an NZCF ID to their player profile and display their current NZ Standard Rating on their profile. Now you can display FIDE, NZCF, Tornelo and Online Platform ratings all in once place!

Connect NZCF Rating to your profile

New players can enter their NZCF ID during the registration process and pre-populate information, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Use IDs in the registration process
Submitting events for NCZF Rating

At the end of the tournament arbiters can download an NZCF Rating Report. This is in the correct format to send direct to the ratings officer for processing.

This should be a huge time saver for arbiters in New Zealand, with efficiencies in the entry process, during the event and submitting events for ratings.

Setup NZCF External ratings for your event and download your report
Working on
  • Support for Club memberships (collecting fees and validating membership for entry into tournaments)
  • One click uploading tournament results to chess-results website
  • Accepting payments per team rather than per player

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback. How can we make your life as a chess tournament organiser, arbiter or TD, easier!

Kind regards,


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