Tornelo is now Endorsed by FIDE

After 4+ months of rigorous testing by the World Chess Federation (FIDE), today Tornelo received official FIDE endorsement as a software pairing program / tournament manager.

Today we received a Interim Certificate which allows the immediate use of Tornelo for FIDE events until the full 4-year endorsement can be ratified by Congress in July of 2022.

Benefits of using an endorsed pairing program

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) recommends all organisers and arbiters use an endorsed pairing program to run Rated events, and requires the use of an endorsed pairing program when running qualification events or ‘norm’ events.

The use of an endorsed pairing program is also required for FIDE events such as the World Championships, Olympiad or other title event.


If you are planning to run a World Championships or Olympiad event on Tornelo, make sure you have the FIDE Mode box checked! This enforces FIDE Regulations for pairings.

FIDE Mode will restrict certain aspects of pairings to ensure compliance with the regulations.

What if I turn off FIDE Mode

Tornelo uses JaVaFo as a pairing engine regardless of the FIDE Mode setting. If you want to ‘bend’ the rules just a little and prohibit siblings from being paired against each other, or create a unique scoring system for your event, you’ll need to turn off FIDE Mode.

Don’t worry, even if FIDE Mode is turned off the pairing engine will still provide you accurate pairings!

We are very excited to have passed the verification process and received an endorsement. But this isn’t the end of a journey for us, it’s the start! We will continue improving and releasing new features every week.

Thank you to all the arbiters and organisations who are joining us on this journey. 😊🙏

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Jirina Prokopova
2 years ago

Awesome! 🙂

Norlan Gaitán
2 years ago

Great news!!

Lorenginis Berti
Lorenginis Berti
2 years ago

I’m always a fan of tornelo..The best tool for arbiter!!!

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