Deputy Arbiters

Our users have been requesting Deputy Arbiters features for a long time now. This functionality really raises the bar in terms of the cabability for multiple Arbiters to collaborate on an Event.

No other chess tournament management platform or software has this capability!


Nothing has changed, you have the ability to add multiple Arbiters to your Event. An Arbiter will have FULL access to all functionality and settings in your Event.

All your favourite features such as Arbiter calls are intact!

Deputy Arbiters

Delegating responsibilities the right way is an art in itself. Sometimes you want all Arbiters to work on everything together, and sometimes too many “cooks in the kitchen” do more harm than good.

Sometimes it’s important to divide and conquer! Have the Chief Arbiter be responsible for the settings and management, and assign Deputies to do all the hard work in each Section.

On Tornelo this is now possible!

You’ll now find a new menu item which allows you to add a Deputy Arbiter to a Section. Deputy Arbiters only have permission to do things in “their” Section.

How to add Deputy Arbiters to your Event

Deputy Arbiters can NOT:

  • Edit Event settings
  • Export all entry data
  • View the Fair play report
  • See Financial report and invoices
  • Do pairings on all Sections

Even the menu for Deputies is simplified:

Deptuty Arbtiers can (in their Section):

  • Manage pairings and rounds
  • Edit player entry data
  • Answer Arbiter calls
  • Manage online games
  • See connection status and other private data

You can assign one Arbiter to mulitple Sections if needed.

Working on
  • Updating our Game Page to make the online games experience better
  • Making tables on our pages more mobile friendly
  • New data structure for Event Settings, allowing templates to be created

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback about our user friendly pairing program. How can we make your life as a chess tournament organiser, arbiter or TD, easier!

Kind regards,


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