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Having problems? Here are the answers to the most common problems.

TRFx File Format

Documentation of the FIDE Data Exchange Format, Tournament Report File (TRF16).

Using PlayerID to allow players to play a Live Event

What to do when a player is in the Lobby but unable to play?

Delete an Event

How to Delete and tidy up unused tournaments.

Can I update player’s rating?

What is Tornelo rating and what ratings can I use for my Events?

Resetting your Password

Step by step instructions to reset your password and Sign in.

My age is displaying incorrectly!

Learn more about Age groups and how to edit your Year of birth.

How do I merge Player profiles?

Step by step instructions to merge two profiles on Tornelo.

What if players don’t have an email address?

Children can't receive emails.

Setting a custom Finish Date

How to submit for ratings on a date in the past.

An Arbiter can impersonate a player

Making moves for players during a game.

Email Validation failed

Did you get the message "Email has already been taken"?

How to import a Tornelo Event into Swiss Manager

A guide on how to import a Tornelo tournament into Swiss Manager.

Some Player information is missing in the Event page

Gender or Age group is missing.

How to modify an invoice after payment has been made?

What to do when you need to charge more, but cannot add new line items

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