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How to modify an invoice after payment has been made?

What to do when you need to charge more, but cannot add new line items

Tornelo allows users to collect payments for entry fees and other items during the Registration process. All records and invoices can be easily managed through Financial report (see more here).

Once an invoice is paid, it cannot be modified. However, sometimes Organizations need to charge more. There is a simple solution to deal with these underpayments in situations such as:

  • Selecting the incorrect entry fee (and other mistakes)
  • Need to add additional items to an invoice
  • Partial cash payments

Note: The reason for this limitation is that external payment processors like PayPal do not support multiple payments for a single invoice number, and financial software such as Xero, which locks invoices post-payment for auditing.

Steps to deal with underpayments

1. Select the player on a Player list

2. Click Edit in the Arbiter Panel

Edit player details in chess tournaments on Tornelo

3. In the Edit player pop-up window, scroll right to the bottom to Invoice

4. Change the Invoice field to option No invoice linked to entry

Unlink old invoice so new invoice can be created.

5. Click Save

6. Create a NEW invoice by clicking on the $ button in the Arbiter panel and by selecting option Manual fees & line items

Arbiters can create a new invoice for any player.

7. Click on the $ button in the Arbiter panel again to view the Inovice preview

8. Click Edit button to access the Invoice page

The invoice preview gives Arbiter the summary of the most important details.

9. Record new Line items as needed for any outstanding amount

The invoice page allows arbiter to add new line items or record cash or adjustments.

10. Assign user email to send invoice by email via Tornelo or Copy the public URL to share it with the player youself.

Arbiter can send the invoice with the user directly through Tornelo or share it as a link through any media.

11. The player is now able to pay for the new invoice and your Organization may access both the old and new invoice in the Financial report.

All invoices and financial records are maintained in the Financial report
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