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Keeping the same URL for a new event

Managing the URLs for your tournaments.

You can keep the same URL for your next event by using the SERIES feature.

1. https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/your-org-name/series/series-event-name

You can access your Series view by clicking “Series” on any event


2. Click EDIT

3. You can now see all the events in the series

The “active” event will always have the same URL

eg. Update so event number –5 is the Active event


And now you can access the event via: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/limburg-chess-events/events/limburg-open/summary

And the same event from –5 https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/limburg-chess-events/events/limburg-open–5

4. Share the link as the “permalink”


And each time you create a new event, you can just update the Active status of the event and you can access the new event from the same permalink.

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