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Playing Online Games

Playing Online Games

Everything you need to know to play in an Arbiter led, Scheduled event on Tornelo.

Playing Online Chess Games

A guide for players on how to play Chess on Tornelo.

How to register for an Event?

Step by step guide to self-registration

Which registration type should I choose?

Register just yourself, your family members or whole teams of other players.

How do I Sign in to Tornelo?

Steps on how to sign in to your Tornelo account.

Making premoves during a game

How can I make a move and not use any time with Premove?

What is a good rating?

Learn about ratings: what are they and why do we use them.

e-Board integration

For Hybrid events or broadcasting Over-The-Board events.

Customise your chess board

Changing the colour, pieces and size of your chess board.

Download PGN files

How Players, Spectators and Arbiters download chess games.

Call Arbiter button

How to call the attention of the Arbiter during a Live game.

Registering a Team Event as Team manager

A step by step guide on how to enter an Team Event as a teacher or captain.

Creating a new account

Step by step instructions to create an account on Tornelo.

System requirements for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What computer or browser should I use?

Draw by insufficient mating material

Dead position automatically declared a draw.

How do I Check in?

A step by step instruction on how to check in an Event.

Invitation to control a Player Profile

How to accept the invitation to own a Player.

Player disconnection notification

Warning players if they are disconnected, clock status.

Edit player profile

Update your Country, YOB, Gender and other details in your profile

How do I change my privacy settings?

A step by step guide on how to change the Privacy setting of a player.

Can I have multiple players connected to my account?

A step by step guide on how to enter and play in an event with multiple players connected in one account.

Resetting your Password

Step by step instructions to reset your password and Sign in.

Publish live results, games, and pairings

How to check live results and watch live games?

My age is displaying incorrectly!

Learn more about Age groups and how to edit your Year of birth.

Find an upcoming Event

How to find upcoming tournaments on Tornelo.

Player profiles and user confirmation

Understanding the relation of players and user roles

Arbiter Chat function

Text chat between arbiter and players during a game.

Enabling Annotations

Highlighting tools for streaming, coaching and broadcast.

Move confirmation

How can I prevent a mouse-slip?

Auto-promotion to a Queen

Setting and changing auto-queen

Event Lobby Headers Messages

A description of every message a user can see in the Event Lobby.

What is the required team size?

Find out about team size for Team battle format.

Spectator mode – highlight squares and add arrows

Annotations for streaming, coaching and broadcast.

Playing games on a mobile device

Online chess games on iOS or Android.

Blind mode tutorial

A guide for visually impaired players playing without assistance.

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