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What if players don’t have an email address?

Children can't receive emails.

If you are playing an Over-the-Board chess tournament then players won’t need to Sign in at all. You can print the pairings and players can get to their games by looking at a piece of paper.

But, if you are playing an Online Event, all players need to Sign in so we know they have permission to play a game.

The Sign in uses an email address and password. When you create an account (see more here) you choose your email address and password.

The only way to reset your password (see more here) is via an email link. Some school children have restricted email accounts and cannot receive password reset emails.

You should whitelist Tornelo <[email protected]> so that players can reset their password.

There are other options:

– Create a free email address (eg. Gmail)

– Add multiple players to one account (then you’ll need to Sign in for each of them every time)

– Set your password once when you create your account and remember it forever

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