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Get access to all Tornelo features.

Before you start running events on Tornelo you need to set up your own Organization, see more here. There are some aspects of Tornelo in which the entire community interacts and relies on one another. As a verified Organization you would also be permitted to display information to the members of the community, and even to trigger emails to users. All this requires trust – and trust starts with the Verification process.


Once your organization is verified as a trusted and genuine organisation, there is a chain of trust where organization Administrators can assign trust status to other Administrators or Organisers, who in turn can appoint Arbiters and event Managers to interact with players. Everything works on the principle of delegated responsibility at your own discretion. Every role higher in the list also inherits privileges of the ones below, see more here.

Besides trust, Verified Organization gains these extra features:

  • Public visibility
  • Extra contact details on your event page
  • Email lists
  • Importing players in CSV
  • Importing pairings in PGN

This brings you entirely new possibilities.

  1. All Players on Tornelo may now find your Event and Enter or browse through the results.
  2. You may go to your organisation page /edit (eg. And update your contact details and description so users can contact you more easily.
  3. You have the possibility to Export entries in CSV and use the lists to contact your players by email more easily or keep the data for following events.
  4. You can now IMPORT players via CSV into tournaments, and link with their FIDE ID, add their Federations (and flags) and update their ratings. If you make any mistakes on import, or leave out any data, you can re-import and it will update data. See more here.
  5. In case you are using unusual pairing system, you can import pairings through PGN instead of using the inbuilt system. See more here.

Please ensure you keep details accurate for the integrity of the rest of the users, until we have an auto-update function.

How to Verify

To become a Verified Organization fill in this form here. After submitting your request we will verify your Organization as soon as possible.

Move your Oganization to a new level and use it to collect entry fees online, automatically and without trouble. See more here.

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