Rating list updates, privacy settings simplified, and entering teams

There are some major changes planned for the latest Tornelo release (due to go live later today). Please take note of the following:

1. Changes: Global Rating List
All players are now on a single Global (Tornelo) Rating List. Previously players needed multiple profiles to play in events with different Organisers. A player now requires just one Player Profile
– Players with multiple profiles will need profiles merged
– We have temporarily removed FIDE profiles, new players will need to create new profiles
– All events must be created/owned by an “Organisation”

2. Changes: Privacy Settings
We have simplified our privacy rules to allow both PLAYERS and EVENTS to choose from one of 3 privacy settings:
a) Public
Shows up on the Tornelo homepage and can be found in searches or on Google.

b) Community
Can only be found by signed in users. It is free for anyone to create an account on Tornelo, but this adds a hurdle to private information being found. Google cannot find this data.

c) Private
Not included on homepage or search results, only accessible from a direct link.

To understand further the impacts of these settings please review our Help Documentation:

3. Changes: Groups
Groups (often clubs or schools) are now more flexible, easier to create and work with.
– The concept of Group Events has been removed. A Club or School should create an Organisation account in order to run an event.
– Teachers or Club officials may set up an Organisation and run their events without any cost, or approval process required
– Players may select any group when they are entering a Teams Event.
– Any User may enter a Team of players in a Teams event

4. Changes: Entering Teams
We have simplified the process to Enter a Team into a Teams Event.
– We have removed the concept of Reserving Places
– We have temporarily removed the ability for Users to select Team Names, arbiters will need to sort and name teams
– We have temporarily removed the ability for Users to remove players
– Any User may enter multiple players from the same Group and they become a Team
There is a help file here https://tornelo.com/help/how-do-i-enter-a-team-event

5. Feature: Tokens to play live games
One of the most frustrating moments for an organiser is getting players started playing live games. Often players login with a new email address and do not have permission to play. Arbiters can now provide a Token (One Time Pin) to the player.

From the Tournament Lobby an Arbiter can click a player name, then click Make token

Tornelo will display a Token (4-digit number)

The Arbiter provides this Token to the Player.

The Player must be Logged In (but it doesn’t matter what account they have used). Then should click Enter token

The player enters the correct Token and is granted permission to play in the event with whichever account they have used to sign-in.

At the end of the event, Tornelo will link the email and the player so they can play without a Token in future events.

6. Feature: Sounds
Tornelo now has audio notifications! Our first sounds will be:
– Call the Arbiter
– New Round Paired
– Opponent moves in a game
– more sounds to come, feedback welcome!

Work in Progress
We’re currently working on:
– Analysis engine (Stockfish)
– Provide arbiters with basic Fair Play statistics for all events
– Improvements to organisation homepage

Kind regards,


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