Tornelo has many powerful features to allow users to choose their level of privacy.

Event privacy

There are multiple privacy options available for your events:

Make this event unlisted

Unlisted events can only be accessed from the “My events” page, or with a direct link. Players who have only played in unlisted events will also be unlisted players.

Inactive players

There is a system setting which defines the length of time before a player is marked as Inactive, and no longer displayed in Tornelo. This is the number of days since taking part in a rated event.

User controlled privacy

Hide player name from public users

If checked, this player name will only be visible to group and event organizers. All other users will see only the initials and length of the name.

Make this profile unlisted

Unlisted player profiles will not be displayed in player leaderboards, and can only be accessed from tournament results pages or with a direct link.


Birthday is stored as a separate field and used with Year of Birth to calculate a player's age for categorization purposes. We won't show a player’s birthday or exact age to anyone. Ages are displayed as "Age: Under X", for example: in the year 2020 all players born in 2010 will be displayed as 10 (ie. "Age: Under 10").