Self-scheduled matches

I love discovering from our Organisers new ways that Tornelo is being used to run events!

Today a school teacher told me about a Staff Event she is running. Her school is in lockdown, so all teachers are working from home. This event is a way of encouraging interaction and socialisation between staff.

Every Sunday afternoon she pairs a round.

Staff visit the tournament page on Monday morning to view the pairings. They reach out to each other and arrange a mutually convenient time to play a game during the week.

At the arranged time both players visit the event page and click Join Game to play their game. Results are automatically pushed into the pairing program ready for the next Sunday afternoon when our teacher clicks Pair Next Round.

There are no problems if one of the games doesn’t get played on time, she can leave it for later, or manually change the pairings or results.

And if one player shows up and the other gets caught up, the red disconnection icon on the game page will prevent the game from starting!

What a great format!

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