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Running a chess variant tournament

Chess 960, Take-me chess, Anything Goes Chess.

Chess variants can be a fun and relaxing style of event. They can be run on Tornelo with the same level of control as any standard chess tournament.

You can find the Variant settings under Game rules tab in the Event settings

Select the Variant you wish to play.

Chess 960

You can play chess-960 by selecting Standard Chess, but adding a chess-960 start position FEN to the settings.

Take Me Chess

  • Also known as Crazy-Chess, Anti-Chess, Reverse-Chess, Kamikaze or the politically incorrect Suicide-Chess.
  • The AIM of the game is to LOSE ALL YOUR PIECES. The first player left with no pieces (including the King) remaining wins the game.
  • Pieces moves in the same way as during an Ortho-Chess (normal chess) game.
  • If you can capture a piece you MUST capture.
  • If you have multiple captures available you may choose which capture to play.
  • To remind the opponent that a capture is possible you often hear players calling “Take me” after each move.
  • The King may be captured at any time, like any other piece. There is no check.
  • If the player to move has no legal move (eg. Has a pawn, but it is blocked) then the game is declared a stalemate (draw).

Anything Goes Chess

There are no rules!!! Any piece can move anywhere.

No check, no checkmate.

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