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How to connect a User and a Player?

Linking a USER (email address) to a PLAYER PROFILE (Name in an event).


A player profile is OWNED by the person who created it. Because this profile contains private information (name) and a rating, we must be careful which user is allowed to take ownership of any existing profile.

The transfer of Ownership has 2 steps.

  1. INVITE (existing owner action)
  2. ACCEPT (new owner must take responsibility)

Or, it can happen the other direction, still it is 2 steps.

  1. CLAIM (new owner must take responsibility)
  2. RELEASE (existing owner must agree)

Connecting the email address

If a Player Profile is created by an arbiter, then the arbiter does not “own” the profile, but the Organization does.

As such, Organization Admins may invite Users to take ownership over Player Profiles.

1. Go to the Player Profile

2. Click Roles

3. Click Assign role

4. Enter the email address of the user

Players’ process

The player would then:

1. Sign-in to Tornelo

2. See a notification icon

3. Accept the invitation to own the player

Claiming Profiles

We currently do not have a CLAIM process for players that wish to request ownership. Players should contact the existing owner and request an invitation.

Any verified Organization Admin may submit a CLAIM on behalf of a player as follows:

1. Verify the validity of the claim (ie check the player is who they say they are and the user account is valid)

2. Email [email protected] with the following template:

I am submitting a claim over PLAYER X. The user has been checked and is a valid user for this player.

PLAYER BEING CLAIMED: (include URL to player)

EMAIL ADDRESS: (include email address of the user)

3. A Tornelo admin will review your claim and make a judgement if this is a valid claim. If it is valid then an INVITATION will be sent.  The PLAYER must still accept the invite.

Scenario: The player is ‘owned’ by an incorrect and now inaccessible email address. Tornelo will invite the new user.

Scenario:  The player is ‘owned’ by a different user and actually represents a different Player. A second profile with the same name will need to be created and the new user invited.

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