Clone an Event

Copy all the Settings and Event data.

Everybody has their own favourite Event settings. The chances are that you are running many similar Events and that you often want to use the same Settings, since players got used to them or you find them the most suitable.

Maybe you want to always allow Premoves, you don’t want Players to cancel Arbiter Calls and want to use the Sofia Rules for 30 moves. Or the exact opposite. Or maybe you have your typical hierarchy of Sections and Tie-breaks and so on.

The easiest way to Copy the exact same Settings for your next Event is by Clicking on Clone button in the Lobby under the Event summary tab:

This action will only duplicate the Event data, no information about players will be transferred this way (if you want to do that, you can always Download entries and Upload players again via a CSV file, see more here).

After Clicking on Clone, Tornelo will take you to the Create Event page, but instead of having the default Tornelo options there, you have your own:

Now you can just Edit the name. If you keep it the same a Series will be automatically created. Proceed to update your Dates, Conference links, or any other data, that will be different.

When you are done click Create event button.

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