Live PGN broadcast, CSV import, take-back moves and use FEN for start position

It’s been another busy few weeks with some fairly major features to report, including our #1 most requested feature finally going live!!  I wonder what our next #1 requested feature will be?

1. Feature: Change color of chessboard

Users can set the default color of their chessboard to Blue (default), Brown or Green

Go to your User Account settings

Select the Board colour you prefer and click Save

2. Feature: Upgraded Live PGN broadcast

To help broadcast partners we have standardized our Live PGN export format.

  • All games are included in the PGN, including as headers only for unstarted games
  • Games are always export in Board order
  • Board number support Match and Board number as well
  • Updated our filters so you can add a Division filter by using the attribute &from_division=Division_Name
  • For more detail about Broadcasting please see our help files
3. Feature: Upgraded CSV import

The CSV import is now much more powerful. Users can import player lists, create user accounts and update links to a player’s FIDE ID by using the CSV import tool.

Please note, import features are restricted to Verified Organisations.

If you repeat the import process with updated information, the player information in Tornelo will be updated.

  • Provided a downloadable template
  • Add support for ECF, ACF, USCF ID numbers
  • Names can be import in a single Full name column, or in separate First name and Last name columns
  • Standardized the Import CSV and Export entries processes for easier export/import
  • Importing with an email address will create an account and invite that player as a User
  • Re-importing a match on ID (FIDE, Tornelo or External) will show you both the old name and new name if names are different, the arbiter must disambiguate, and after the event has submitted for ratings the profile will be updated
4. Restricted Access: Import features

Import features including TRF and CSV imports are now restricted to Verified Organisations.

Verification is a trust-building process which takes just 5 minutes over Zoom.

5. Feature: Take-back move

Players may request a take-back in the case of a finger slip.

This feature is on by default, but optional, the arbiter may control this feature from the Event settings

A player will click the Undo button and confirm their request to take-back a move.

This sends a request to the opponent who may decline simply by making a move, or they can accept the take-back request.

The clocks continue to tick when a player is considering a take-back, and will not be adjusted. All time used during the take back process will remain as elapsed time.

The take-back requests are recorded in the game log for arbiters to view.

6. Feature: Start games from any position

Games can be started from ANY POSITION by entering a Starting Positions in FEN format!

This can be used:

  • by coaches for players to play on in a thematic game
  • to play Chess960
  • in Fixed Opening tournaments
  • As a way of re-starting a game

Once you have entered the FEN string and saved, all new games created will use that starting position.

6. Feature: Win on time with only a King

If a player wins on time, but has only a King, the game will be declared a draw (insufficient material). All other draw claims when the flag falls must be claimed through the arbiter.

7. Feature: Scoresheet updates

The move list now records:

  • Draw offers (=)
  • Time spent per move


8. Updates and improvements

  • Improved our search results
  • Upgraded our memory
  • Built a new Node.js server
  • Standarized the notation in our PGN export
  • Improved password hashing for stronger security


  • Simplify and improve the player messages in the Tournament Lobby
  • Add information to the Arbiter Call notification
  • Refactor games to factilitate major future changes
  • Stabilisation and bug fixes

​As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports.

Kind regards,


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Michael Iurovetski
Michael Iurovetski
3 years ago

Just wanted to say that when you say I am interested in release notes I am actually so interested I check if they are spaced 2 weeks apart or not.

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