Who can see my email address?

Are my contact details private?

What are contact details?

When you self-register to an Event, you are required to provide some Contact details. Contact details include:

  • Email address
  • Phone number

This is Step 3 of an Event Registration process:

By Registering (see more here), you give permission to be contacted by the Organizers. The email address here can be the same as you use for Signing in to Tornelo, or it can be different.

If you are Registering more players than just yourself (see more here), this contact email will be displayed for all of them, their own address (user account) stays hidden to the Organizer.

When is my email address visible?

Arbiters can manually add any player into an Event. If your email address has been shared with the Organization in a previous Event, the Arbiters of all future Events will be able to view those contact details.

The Organization will store your contact details for future events.

See here:

This player self-registered and shared their contact details in a previous Event. When an Arbiter running an Event from the same Organization enters the names into the search bar, contact emails and phone numbers are visible.

If a different Organization searches for the same player, Arbiters will NOT be able to access their Contact details. The player did not share their contact details with this new Organization.

Private names will never show in these search results. See more here.

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