1. Go to the website Tornelo.com
We recommend using CHROME web-browser for best results

​2. Sign in to Tornelo.com
​Please use the SAME email address that you used to register for the event. If you cannot login, click "Reset password" and check your email (including Spam Box) to reset your password and sign in.

3. Join the Tournament Lobby
​You should see a blue bar at the top of your page with a shortcut to your active Tournament Lobby. You can also navigate by clicking My events in the top right of your screen.

4. Tick the "I'm ready to play" box
​If your account has registered multiple players (eg. siblings) then you must select the Player who will be using this Device. Click the correct name.

When you are ready to play, tick the "I'm here..." box to Check-In. Now the arbtier knows you are ready!