Young Sparks

Young Sparks is a community initiative by Max Biocare for children of MBc family and wider community. The idea of Young Sparks was born with the spirit of giving back and becoming a part of the community through that spirit.

One of their most successful initiatives was an International Chess Tournament for children held in August 2020.

A total of 510 children from Australia, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines registered to take part in a free event held over 2 Sunday afternoons. Tornelo was the perfect platform to allow arbtiers full control and flexibility for the event and players to meet other like-minded individuals from other countries!

The event was split into 4 divisions based on Rating. Each division was assigned its own Zoom video-conference and players were automatically linked from the Tournament Lobby to the arbiter’s room for their division. This kept numbers more managable and we didn’t need a single Zoom meeting for 510 players, plus the parents, spectators and arbiters!

In addition to a Zoom meeting for each division the Default conference room was setup as a Tech Support room to help players solve any problems or ask questions.

In addition to the arbiters in each Room providing event commentary, player interviews and post-game analysis, the event was also livestreamed on Facebook. This kept the maximum number of players engaged and receiving individual attention.

This was an outstanding event for first-time chess tournament organsiers!

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