Interschool Chess

Kids Unlimited runs about 200 chess tournaments per year with between 80 and 100 players.

The admin required to manage the entry processes used to be a full-time admin job. But since we started using Tornelo, all the processes are now automated.

  • We create the event on Tornelo
  • We put a link to the event on our website
  • Players or School Teams enter the event and pay entry fees

We show up at the school and the player list is accurate and ready to go. Players can even enter 1 minute before we start because everything is in the cloud and instantly updated!

Then at the end of the event it’s ONE CLICK to email results to everyone and the full tournament archives are available online for everyone as well!

Now that we’ve moved to online tournaments it’s even better because every GAME is recorded an online too.

And the best part… as soon as the event is over every child has a new rating. Instant ratings really engages the players and provides feedback to parents.


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