Responsive game board and community improvements

A major milestone was reached today with the release of our new Responsive Game Board. This will provide a massively improved player experience, allowing games to take place from phones, tablets, laptops and computers of various sizes.

1. Feature: Responsive Game Board
A complete re-build in the latest technology gives players the fastest and smoothest possible playing experience. Some things to be aware of:

  • You cannot select, grab or move a piece before the opponent has completed their move (as per OTB chess)
  • Right-click cancels your move if you are half-way through a move
  • Players may NOT scroll back through their game in progress
  • Arbiters or spectators MAY navigate games in progress
  • Touch-move does NOT apply (we are considering implementing this rule)
  • Checkmate on the board cancels all draw offers
  • Arbiter chat is permanently visible
  • You may click and drag, or select piece then click destination square
  • Phone/tablet Compatibility​: iOS 13+, all Android devices

Desktop View

Small Laptop View

Large Laptop View

Tablet View

Mobile Phone View

2. Feature: Auto-draw options for arbiters
The server will now declare a draw after X-repetitions or X-full-moves without a pawn move or capture. The default settings are to declare a Draw after 5x Repetitions and 75 moves, but these settings are fully customisable.

More details here. The players will then see the following in the tournament lobby:

4. Feature: Site-wide live chat Customer Support 
​The bottom right-hand corner of your screen now displays a Live Chat icon. Our customer service team will be available 12 hours each day to provide Live Support and answer questions. If we are not online please leave us a message and you will receive a response within 12 hours.

5. Updates and improvements

  • Improved management of Groups feature
  • Improved functionality of Fair Play report
  • Server improvements to socket connections

We have established a Whatsapp group for arbiters and organisers to share ideas, ask questions and generally collaborate on improving all chess events around the globe. If you wish to be included please send me an email ([email protected]) and I will send you a link to join the group.


  • We are hiring! Recruiting for new members of our Software Engineering team
  • We will shortly be seeking FIDE endorsement as a Pairing Program (we implement JaVaFo pairing engine), we are checking our compliance and updating any missing features which are required
  • Dead positions being declared a draw by the server
  • A new dashboard for players
  • Ability for players to customise the chessboard (colors/pieces)

​As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports.

Kind regards,


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