Security and privacy improvements, sounds and downloads/uploads

Lots of bug-fixes this week on and tightening of our Privacy Features. The release is not yet live, it will take place this weekend. If you have any questions prior to us going live please let me know!

1. Security and privacy fixes
We have a unique combination of Event Privacy levels (which make it easy or hard to find an event) and Player Privacy (which allows individual players to choose if and when their name is displayed) which should meet even the strictest privacy requirements.

Tornelo is the perfect choice for coaches, schools, scholastic programs or other vulnerable people that require privacy considerations.

2. Feature: Sounds
Finally, we have sounds on Tornelo … we’ve started small and you’ll hear sounds:

  • When an arbiter is called (arbiter must be in the Lobby to hear it)
  • When the next round is paired (all players in the Lobby)
  • When a player makes a move (all players hear the sound)

We’re keen to get feedback on the sounds we’ve chosen and what other moments you think need to be audible!

3. TRF Downloads, PGN Uploads

  • You can now download a TRF at any time (not just after an event). This will allow users to export results of events-in-progress to external programs.
  • You can Export PGN files including clock-times or without clock times. Only games with moves will be exported.


  • Import TRF – for creating a new event (or import player lists into a new event). You cannot import a TRF into an event in-progress
  • Import PGN – importing a PGN file will:
  • a) Attach any matching games to existing pairings in rounds (useful for archiving events)
  • b) Create new rounds and pairings if they don’t yet exist

This allows you to do pairings in an external program and import a round into Tornelo for live-game play (use the header-only PGN file which most programs create for live-game collection).

These changes are scheduled to go live THIS WEEKEND. If you need a demonstration or how-to-guide for anything, please let me know!

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports.

Kind regards,


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