Pre-move and fair play report improvements

Our theme for this post is Bullets. In a controversial week for Tornelo our first attempt at a 1200 player lobby (a bullet for me), a Fair Play decision (bullet for him) and now the release of one of the most polarizing features of online chess (bullet for all), pre-move!

1. Feature: Pre-move

As with most features, arbiters have control over the settings and can choose to allow or disallow pre-move in each event.

Every player has the ability to allow or disallow pre-move on their account. Obviously the tournament settings take priority, so if the arbiter tells you ‘no pre-move’ then those are the rules you have to play by. Go to your account settings (top right corner name/avatar image).

Players may also set their games to auto-queen and, for long-time-control games, a move confirmation to ensure no finger-slips are made.

If a player wishes to change any of these settings DURING a game, the game page must be reloaded for the settings to apply.

2. Improvements: Fair play report

We’re pretty excited about this. Arbiters have a lot more insight now into Fair Play and we hope this helps them to make better decisions.

The first layer is a Tournament report which gives summary of all players, ranked from Most Like a Computer at the top, to least at the bottom. Arbiters can focus their energy on a small number of players this way.

Click on any player name and you get the Player report which shows round by round data for every player. Check our help files to learn more about interpreting this report.

You can dig down deeper into the report by clicking on any game to see the Game report.

Eventually, we are planning to add move-by-move insights as well.


  • A new design for event settings
  • Further improvments to Fair play report
  • Choice of different style chess pieces for players
  • Private dedicated servers for high-stakes events

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, feature requests or bug reports.

Kind regards,


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