1. User must be signed in - please see the Check-In Process

2. User must be in the Tournament Lobby - see the Check-In Process

You may also find the Tournament Lobby by clicking My events in the top right corner of your screen.

3. Click Play Now

As soon as the arbiter does the pairings your Lobby will display your opponent's name and a blue Play Now button. Click the button and join your game

4. When your opponent is present, make a move

​You cannot make a move until both players are at the board. There is an indicator which is RED if the player is absent and GREEN when the player is present. When both player indicators are green, White may make the first move.

5. You must DRAG a piece to move it

Clicking on a piece or a square will not move the piece, only drag. This will be updated in the future, so click-to-move will be possible. Currently only DRAGGING a piece will move that piece.

Once you release the piece the move is made and no take-back's are allowed. Please be CAREFUL when moving!