About Tornelo

If you need a pairing program to run a chess tournament or play tournaments online - choose Tornelo. This web-based application ("in the cloud") allows a single arbiter to run a world-class event with instant results updates, pairings, game collection and more. You can run the event on any internet-connected device; an iPhone, tablet or computer.

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Players and Parents

As a player there are heaps of benefits to playing in a tournament run with Tornelo. Because Tornelo is a web-application every action taken by an arbiter is instantly available for you to view. No need for parents to hang around waiting for a game to finish - see online the moment the game is over.

  • Immediate access to next-round pairings
  • Results updated online in real-time
  • Live Games displayed online
  • Manage your own player profile
  • View your entire tournament history
  • Prepare for opponents (see their games)
  • Comment on games, yours or friends
  • Keep track of your games
  • One click sharing through Facebook

Tournament Arbiters

Your life just got a whole lot easier! 

Tornelo automates a number of the most time consuming aspects of managing a tournament. It also provides instant and comprehensive communication to all the players - without you doing a thing!

  • Display live games
  • Instant display of pairings and results
  • Display and print x-tables and standings
  • (Dutch) Swiss pairing method by JaVaFo
  • Kiosk-style results collection
  • Game collection
  • PGN download
  • Teams or individual events
  • Run on any device (phone, iPad or laptop)
  • Seed tournament by FIDE or Local rating
  • Automatically identifies players and imports player's FIDE and Local rating

Officials and Organisers

Imagine how much time your organisation can save by automating the entire rating system. 

Tornelo identifies players quickly and easily, tracks payments and can be used for promoting and marketing tournaments. A fully integrated entries, pairings and ratings solution!

  • Promote your tournament
  • Easily collect entries
  • Collect, manage and chase payments
  • Instant ratings updates (ELO or Glicko1)
  • Entire ratings system in the "cloud"
  • Engage more players with stats, history and instant information
  • Automatically collects and displays competition history and statistics
  • Supports clubs, state associations or schools, each with their own admin
  • Supports "Titles" and rating "Categories"
  • Import tournament files and PGN